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The Alumni Association of the Supreme Guardian Council is open to all Majority Members, and adults (women and men) who have worked on a Bethel Guardian Council at least three (3) years.

This Association was formed in 1992 as a way to get people interested in working with their local Bethels. There is an annual reunion held during the Annual Session of the Supreme Guardian Council. Usually a lunch and a program are held. A one-time fee is paid for membership, and you receive a wallet membership card and a membership pin. Visit the international website for more information and to obtain a membership application.

Job's Daughters International Alumni Application


Membership in the Minnesota Alumni Association is open to all Majority Members and those who have been members of Job's Daughters in this jurisdiction and are over the age of twenty (20).

We are currently looking former members of Job's Daughters, if you are a former member email us today!

Bethel's, please send a list of former members to the Association. This will form the basis of a mailing list or contact list. It is hoped that when this list is formulated, we will have a resource for aid and assistance for our Bethels.

Please contact us at