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State Daughter Leaders

Miss Minnesota Job's Daughter 

Grand Lodge

Most Worshipful Grand Master, distinguished guests, Masons of Minnesota, and friends. My name is Francesca Dimatteo and I am honored to be standing before you today as the 40th Miss Minnesota Job's Daughter. I would like  to speak to you all today regarding what you can do to help increase membership in Job's Daughters, and how you can get more connected with the Bethels in and around your own Lodges

As many of you know, during the 2015 session of the Supreme Guardian Council, Amendment 10 was passed. Amendment 10 allows girls to join Job's Daughters with only a signature from a Majority Member and the sponsorship of a Master Mason. Previously, girls needed a Masonic connection in  their family to join a Bethel. This is a huge step for us and amazing news for Minnesota. This amendment was presented over 30 years ago by the Minnesota delegation and we need to show that the decision to pass it was the right one. But, in order to do this, we need your help. We need you to work alongside  the Job's Daughters of Minnesota.

I remember when I first joined Bethel 48 in Anoka, I was amazed at the level of support and involvement that existed from our lodge. In Bethel 48, we have a tradition of kidnapping the Master of our Lodge or a head of another appendant body. It has become something that each sitting Master looks forward to during his term. When we kidnap them, we typically leave demands and those usually include correctly answering trivia questions regarding Job's Daughters knowledge. They also usually include some sort of variation on a request for a certain number of Lodge members, or the line officers to attend a Bethel meeting, our Masonic honoring or an installation. By taking the Master hostage, we are opening up a door for the girls to get to know the Master of the Lodge. When a girl in a Bethel has support from a Mason other than her father, she has more motivation to go out and make her dreams happen. I know this from personal experience.  If it weren't for men like Don Nolley, Paul Agustin, Tim Carney,  Jim Luschinger , Dave Emery, Jamie Hanson and all of my wonderful uncles at Anoka Lodge, I would not be standing here today. They have given me the confidence and support I needed to run for Miss this year.

When you attend a meeting for the first time, you are the creepy guy in the corner. The second time, you're still a little creepy, but the girls will recognize you. The third time, you become a regular and you’ve lost the creepy factor.

My challenge to each of you is twofold. First,  find out when Bethels in your area meet,second,  to attend at least three Bethel meetings during this year. I'm challenging you to get to know the Daughters of your Bethel, to no longer be just a face on the sidelines, and show your support for our girls. Get to know the girls and become familiar with what Job's Daughters is so you are confident when you bring your daughters, grand daughters, nieces, neighbors, and family friends to Job's Daughters events. By getting your girls involved, you are giving them the honor of getting to see what a great organization Freemasonry is. Once they learn what Freemasonry is all about, they will want their husbands, boyfriends, and male friends to join, thus benefiting both Job's Daughters membership and membership in the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

Who knows? Maybe you will be that push that a little girl needs to go to Grand Bethel next year and run for Miss, to run for Miss jr. Jobie or to put her name in for a Grand Bethel station. You could be the one to keep a Bethel from closing by joining the council like Jerry and Peg Oliver have done for my own bethel. You could be the man to start communication between the Lodge and your Bethel like Larry Jensen has. You could be the men on the council that the girls come to love and adore as Myron Shelton and Todd Mayer have. Thank you all for your continuous support for the Job's Daughters of Minnesota.

Thank you for having Emily and I here to speak with you. And thank you for your heritage. We are very grateful for your wonderful hospitality.

Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Grand Lodge

Grand Master, Minnesota Masons, and guests

Good afternoon. My  name is Emily Robinson and I am proud to represent Minnesota Job’s Daughters as Grand Bethel Honored Queen for the ensuing year. Today I come simply as a daughter, a girl who, due to her masonic heritage, was able to join Job’s Daughters almost 8 years ago. A girl who was raised with North Star Lodge as her second home and the Masonic bodies there being her family. A girl who grew up with pancake breakfasts, installations for multiple bodies, and a few cribbage tournaments. Basically, a girl with the masonic fraternity and appendant bodies having been a huge part of her life. Before I joined Job’s Daughters I was a shy girl who would hide behind her dad if anyone tried to talk to me. 8 years later that shy girl who wouldn’t even introduce her parents at her initiation is speaking to you today. This is what Job’s Daughters does. It opens up girls, lets them bloom into their true selves. I never knew how much I loved speaking until I became Honored Queen for the first time, I never knew how much I loved traveling until I took a trip with my bethel to Supreme Session in Missouri, and I never knew how a girl from the opposite side of the state could become like a sister until I joined this beautiful order. Job’s Daughters has expanded my horizons and definition of family, introduced me to quality friends, taught me  poise, etiquette, organization, and leadership with a purpose.

As I said, 8 years ago I was able to join Job’s daughters because my father and grandfather were masons. My masonic heritage was not hard to find. However, this is not the case for every girl. Not every young girl can look to her dad or grandfather for masonic heritage. It had become a difficult task of flipping through records to try and find some distant relative that that girl might not even know just so she can join our order. Luckily this past year at our Supreme Session we passed a new amendment, one that allows ANY girl to join with Masonic Sponsorship. What is Masonic Sponsorship? It is when men like you sign a girl’s petition and allow her to become part of a wonderful masonic youth organization. It opens our organization to any and every girl who would like to bloom, lead, and soar. This is why Job’s Daughters needs you. We need you to be our heritage, whether it be by blood or not. We need you to be part of our lives, an example for us to follow. You can be the reason a girl, any girl now, can join this beautiful organization and bloom into a future leader. With Masonic Sponsorship we open up a new opportunity for girls to be mentored by men such as you, men they may have never known without the opportunity for sponsorship.

My motto this year is from JK Rowling, “we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” I encourage you all to reach out to any girl who could benefit from Job’s Daughters or become active in a local bethel. Masons are our heritage, our Associate Bethel Guardians, our father figures, but most importantly our role models. Just as Masonry turns good men into better men, Job’s Daughters teaches girls to be the fairest in all the land.  Job’s Daughters is strong, yes, but we are stronger with you.

                Thank you for the opportunity to speak today and on

behalf of the Minnesota Job’s Daughters Grand Bethel I wish

you and your officers all the best for the upcoming term. I look

forward to strengthening our organizations together.