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Jobie Cash


Click on this link to get startedJobie Cash
The enrollment code for the Grand Guardian Council of Minnesota is:  D928FE9C28897.
CHEAPEST WAY TO BUY SCRIP: Enroll in PrestoPay at shopwithscrip.com
Each transaction with Presto Pay is only 15 cents! That's less than half of the cost of a stamp to mail us your check!  PrestoPay is an electronic withdrawal of funds from your checking account.
It is fast, convenient, inexpensive, and secure.
If you would like to pay by check, please make the check out to "MN Grand Guardian Council", write "jobie cash" on the memo, and mail to:
   Beth Bohlmann

 Many questions can be answered by viewing the Shop With Scrip Channel on YouTube:
Thank you for supporting our girls
 with money you already spend!
Questions, Comments, or Concerns?  Send a message jobiecash@mnjd.org
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